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Family time

Today we decided to beat the rain and make a quick trip to the park! Wow the kids had a blast but my husband had just as much fun. We debated on if we wanted to chance the rain or go to the trampoline park. We changed the rain and got lucky !

But trampoline park – have you ever been?

Our favorite is get air. It’s not too expensive and tons of fun for all ages. From my one year old to my husband. It’s probably our favorite rainy day activity when we need to get out of the house. I normally stay in the little jumpers area with my one year old, and my husband and six year old run all over the place. Over all it’s a blast. My son finally got over his fear of the ball pit. I love that it pushes both of my kids out of their comfort zone to try not only new tricks and but new experiences. My sun is finally learning how to jump! And my daughter is working on her jump tricks ! My husband Just loves to act like a kid again.

What are your favorite rainy day activities when you just NEED out of the house?

Teething tots

I swear my own year old teeth’s the worst. Drool everywhere, no sleep, randomly crying through out the day, snot everywhere. On top of it- it lasts for like a week.

My poor boy. Very few things help because I try not to pump him with meds constantly. I try to keep the Tylenol for morning and bed time.

Some things I’ve found work are hard ice packs. Ones that don’t break. He loves them. My little one will walk around the house sucking on it all day if I’d let him.

Popsicles!! He’s super independent now. So, I just pull out a fruit pop put him in his high chair and let him go! It also keeps him entertained for a minute so I can breath.

Ice water. His favorite sippy cups right now all have straws ! I had read an article in the past that also said the sucking motion helps relieve teething pain. So I just fill a sippy up with ice and water he loves it!

What are some tricks you use to survive teething?

Any at home or DIY ideas that have worked for your littles?

Arts and crafts

At home we’re always into something. Glue, paint, glitter, markers, crayons, clay. We love it all. One of my favorite markers for my one year old are the triangle markers from crayons. They have a rounded tip so my six year old doesn’t get mad that her brother destroys her markers.

I’ve also noticed they’ve helped him tremendously with his grip! He went to a fisted grip to almost mastering a three point grip- which is awesome!!

Another one of my favorite art supplies is play dough of course!! The things you can do with it keeps not only my six year old but my one year old entertained for hours on rainy days. My six year old loves to make meals out of it, and my one year just loves to smash it. A fun activity for the little ones is building something then letting them demolish.

What’s your favorite art supplies for your littles? Any fun tools you like to use with play dough to make cool thing??

Mother’s Day ❤️

Mother’s Day! The day to sleep in and for rest and relaxation right?!

lets be real it never happens like that in real life. My step daughter is six, and my son is one.

Mother’s Day has always been kind of a weird holiday for me because not until this year did my step daughters mom come back around consistently. So normally mother’s Day was filled with anger towards me from a small child who doesn’t understand why she can’t see her mom.

This year was different. It was the first time I actually felt appreciated. My daughters old enough and understands a lot more now. And after therapy we’ve reached an amazing point in our relationship.

She woke up early with daddy. Made home made pancakes and colored me pictures with her little brother to surprise me with.

Mira so easy to get caught up in day to day issues that we lose track of what’s important. Her face when she crawled into my bed this morning to give my pancakes was pure pride. She snuggled up and told me all about the pictures her and her brother colored and we just talked. Of course her brother joined after a while. Then daddy. Then it was a big dog pile in the bed on mommy.

Our afternoon was spent playing twister and laughing. Want a fun game that will keep your six year old busy and your one year old tripping everyone making you laugh harder. Twister. Our stomachs aches by the end.

Working parents. 

It isn’t easy. It’s hard. My husband and I work opposite shifts a lot. He works a lot of nights I work til five. I barely get to see my kid. Except to be the bad guy. Make sure she eats dinner. Make sure she does her homework. Make sure she’s in bed on time. Only to turn around and wake her up for school. Get her ready and send her off. Luckily I get weekends off. My husband doesn’t. I think we’ve found our only sanctuary. It’s taught us to value the time we do have. Even if it’s just a couple hours before he goes in to work on weekends when I’m off. We wake up. Make daddy breakfast. And spend most of the morning in bed cuddling and talking about our week before daddy goes in to work. It’s not about quantity. It’s quality. Our family and friends don’t always get it when we cancel plans or just say no. But honestly I think connecting as a family is one of the most important jobs we have during the week. It’s rare we get quality time. So even if it’s our fourth failed attempt at making slime. An hour before my husband leaves for work. We’re sitting at the table laughing and having a good time. Quality. It does matter. 

6 months. 

Having depression and anxiety is hard enough. Dealing with it while six months pregnant is even harder. I love my five year old (step daughter) to the moon. But my husband has been working so much lately it’s just been me and her almost every day. My anxiety and depression have been acting up as well. I snap. I’m not mom of the year. But there’s this stigma around pregnancy that it’s such a beautiful thing. Which it is. Except when it isn’t. There’s so much that people don’t talk about. They don’t tell you that there’s a chance you won’t feel attractive at all. It’s nothing my husbands done, he tells me I’m beautiful and tries his hardest. But no one told me I would cry when my jeans didn’t fit. Yes I realize I’m supposed to be gaining wait. But it’s still hard when you feel like a whale. They don’t tell you that your emotions will be so out of control that you might just cry because you ran out of cookies. They don’t tell you how much morning sickness sucks. People don’t tell you that you’re going to feel like a petting zoo because everyone thinks they can just come up and rub your belly. But what people do tell you ” isn’t pregnancy beautiful.” “Get used to people rubbing your belly” or my favorite “wow you’re getting big.” Thanks. I just really don’t like the stigma. Yes pregnancy is wonderful. You’re growing a human. And feeling that first kick filled my heart in a way I’ve never felt. But sometimes. It sucks too. 

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